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Artificial intelligence is a strong tool for cybersecurity, but it is not the silver bullet. Many enterprises must not overly rely on it for their security, or they could be setting themselves up for problems, says Mike Cutlip (iti).

Brooks Brothers files for bankruptcy - another victim of COVID-19

Brooks Brothers, the 200-year-old menswear retailer that has dressed 40 US presidents and unofficially became the outfitter of Wall Street bankers, has filed for bankruptcy.

Record debts come due for struggling Canadian energy industry

The Canadian energy industry has borrowed heavily to survive a series of catastrophes and is facing $6 billion in refinancing in the next six months, the Bank of Canada said in May.

Why privacy (CCPA) measures require more than just encryption Special

Despite a long-build up to the new privacy law kicking in, many businesses remain unprepared for ramifications of California's privacy laws, which became effective from the start of July. A security expert provides some business advice.

Supreme Court deals major blow to Keystone XL Pipeline

For the third time in 48 hours, another pipeline project has been hit a major blow by the courts. This time, it is TC Energy's Keystone XL Pipeline. The Supreme Court ruled Monday that the pipeline must complete an arduous environmental review.

Mexican president to talk trade with Trump as virus rages

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador heads to Washington on Wednesday to talk trade with Donald Trump, against the backdrop of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and the US leader's bid for re-electionIt will be Lopez Obrador's first foreign vis...

Court orders Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down by August 5

The Trump administration has been handed a stunning defeat after a district court ruled Monday that the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline must shut down by August 5 during an in-depth environmental review.

Q&A: Ten common mistakes when implementing ERP systems Special

Companies that choose to implement an ERP system can run into common errors that may cause confusion and poor functionality—the opposite of an ERP’s intended purpose. Shivkumar Gopalan at Unit4 explains how.

Dominion Energy cancels the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is dead, abandoned by Dominion Energy and its partner, Duke Energy, after the $8 billion project reached a regulatory dead-end.

Q&A: AI is transforming the workplace in novel ways Special

On returning to the workplace, things may appear slightly different - not in terms of changes to spaces or with people, but with the rise of artificial intelligence. With sensitive areas like recruitment, this needs to be ethical AI.

Has oil industry already crossed the Rubicon of peak demand?

Although crude prices have rebounded from coronavirus crisis lows, oil execs and experts are starting to ask if the industry has crossed the rubicon of peak demand.

Are you ready for (CCPA) privacy rights and consumer protection? Special

Is your company ready for CCPA? With the law passed in January with an enforcement date six months after the final regulations were in place, this means as of July 1, 2020 businesses have needed to conform with the requirements.

Unemployment rates for Blacks and whites widest in five years

U.S. employers added a substantial 4.8 million jobs in June, and the unemployment rate fell to 11.1 percent - However, the gap between the U.S. unemployment rates for Blacks and whites widened further in June, to its largest in five years.

Why text messaging remains the top business communication tool

Although there are a range of different platforms and while multi-channel marketing remains essential for many firms, many businesses report that their number one form of communication remains the text message.

Tech community reacts to Trump’s suspending of H-1B visas

A number of tech execs including Tim Cook, Elon Musk and Sundar Pichai believe Trump’s executive order will be bad for technology innovation in the U.S. and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Boeing 737 MAX test flight takes off in Seattle

US regulators launched a test flight of the Boeing 737 MAX on Monday, a key step in recertifying the jet that has grounded for more than a year following two fatal crashes.

Toilet paper limits imposed in Australia to stop virus panic buying

Supermarkets imposed purchase limits on toilet paper across Australia Friday following panic buying by people rattled over a surge in coronavirus cases in the country's second-biggest city.

Wirecard collapse an 'unparallelled scandal'

The dramatic collapse of payments provider Wirecard is an "unparallelled scandal", Germany's finance minister said Thursday, after the group filed for insolvency as it admitted that 1.9 billion euros missing from its accounts likely did not exist.

Italy to guarantee 6.3-bn-euro loan for Fiat Chrysler

Italy's government said on Wednesday it would guarantee a 6.3-billion-euro ($7.1 billion) loan to Fiat Chrysler, as the automaker struggles with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

US says considering new taxes on $3.1 bn in European products

The United States is considering levying taxes on an additional $3.1 billion in European imports amid a dispute over subsidies to planemaker Airbus.

Trump visa freeze delivers blow to US tech sector

The US tech sector is likely to be hit hard by President Donald Trump's decision to extend a freeze on most immigrant visas, with critics saying the move could undermine American innovation and leadership.

Scandal-hit Wirecard admits missing 1.9 bln likely gone

Shooting-star German payments provider Wirecard on Monday admitted 1.9 billion euros that auditors say are missing from its accounts likely "do not exist", fueling fraud suspicions that saw its CEO resign.

Asian markets swing as new virus cases temper reopening hopes

Asian markets fluctuated Monday as investors kept a nervous eye on a spike in virus infections around the world, while Europe pressed ahead with the easing of lockdown measures.

What businesses need to do for CCPA implementation Special

California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) implementation begins in July 2020 and many businesses need to face up to the implications and put appropriate systems in place, says Cindy Provin of nCipher Security.

During COVID-19 lockdown, what's happened to sugar consumption? Special

One interesting business impact during the coronavirus pandemic has been a fall in the global demand for sugar. While the sugar industry needs to react to the disruption, the move is welcomed by anti-obesity advocates.

Virus booze ban causes headache for S.African winemakers

Wineries around Cape Town fear a nine-week alcohol sales ban will leave a bad hangover that outlasts the coronavirus pandemic, as South African bottles lose their spots on international shelves and thousands of jobs are lost.

The future of work is all about remote working: Expert commentary Special

What will be the future of work post-COVID-19? According to Pulse Secure's Mike Riemer, there will be a larger remote workforce with cybersecurity built into the culture. The industry expert explains more, including the importance of Zero Trust

Q&A: How technology is disrupting the diamond industry Special

Many areas are undergoing digital transformation, although one area that may not spring to mind is with jewelry and gems. This sector is being affected by science and technology, and this impacts the consumer markets as well.

Q&A: New technological innovations for drug delivery unveiled Special

How can new pharmaceuticals be delivered to market faster and what advantages can be gained from technological improvements to drug delivery? A leading professional offers his expertise.

Lyft plans to use 100 percent EVs by 2030

Lyft, the large US ride-sharing company, announced on Wednesday that it planned to transition to 100 percent electric(EV) or zero-emission vehicles by the year 2030.

Chinese ecommerce giant jumps 5.75% on Hong Kong debut

Chinese e-commerce giant leapt 5.75 percent higher on its Hong Kong debut Thursday, after raising almost $4 billion in an initial public offering that was the world's second biggest this year.

LATAM announces suspension of Argentine subsidiary operations

Latin America's largest airline announced on Wednesday that it is indefinitely ceasing operations at its Argentine subsidiary due to the financial hardship provoked by the coronavirus pandemic.

Digital HR provides solutions for workplaces post COVID-19

The changing business climate means new ways of running the firm and this includes the way employees and employers interact. Among the new platforms being considered those for employee relations, representing part of the digital transformation of HR.

Ford's plan to scrap Edge SUV puts Canada facility in jeopardy

An automotive consultant firm claims that Ford Motors is planning on scrapping plans to build a next-generation Ford Edge crossover. Ford builds the Edge at its Oakville, Ontario, plant, the last Ford assembly plant in Canada.

Virus-hit Peru GDP plummets 40%

Peru, one of the countries worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, has seen GDP plummet by more than 40 percent year on year in April, the government said Monday.

How has the coronavirus situation altered the way of work? Special

The workplace is rapidly changing as a result of the coronavirus situation. This brings with it various challenges and complexities. Dr. Galina Datskovsky answers the types of questions being posed by employers.

Millions of U.S. jobs are not coming back as country reopens

Markets cheered on June 5, when new data showed a surprising decline in unemployment in the United States. And this was welcome news for a country tired of being on lockdown due to the COVID-19 crisis. But don't expect all jobs to come back.

What are the barriers to adopting digital visual technology?

Virtual reality, augmented reality and digital twins offer considerable advantages for many business sectors. Yet, in some areas, adoption is slow. To overcome barriers to adoption, a long-term strategy is required.

Q&A: Importance of fraud trends as businesses open up Special

As many businesses attempt to return to something resembling normalcy, some risks might be greater than they were before the shutdown. This includes cybersecurity and fraud issues. An expert presents some core advice.

Op-Ed: Hey, finance morons – What’s so surprising about a second wave?

The rest of the world has been talking about a second wave for months. The Great American Stupor, aka the stock market, apparently wasn’t listening. This inexcusable failure of basic analysis deserves to be kicked.

COVID-19 will drive more workplace automation within the year

One impact of COVID-19 could be to reduce the dependency upon human output by driving more extensive workplace automation. This likelihood has arisen from a new survey into U.S. industrial policy.
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