Study: IT decision makers ramping up post-COVID automation
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article imageStudy: IT decision makers ramping up post-COVID automation

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By Tim Sandle     14 hours ago in Business
The ending of the COVID-19 lockdowns and the reopening of many businesses has seen a parallel increased in investments in automation, which the change leaders being IT professionals.
This trend has been drawn out from a study, conducted by market research firm Opinion Matters (and commissioned by Intelligent Virtual Agent). The focus of the research was to explore how U.S.-based Information Technology decision makers working across eight industries have developed and evolved their post-pandemic digital investment strategies.
The survey also proved and how IT managers have adopted and implemented intelligent automation, especially as part of business strategies to remain agile during the coronavirus crisis. With automation, this refers to the application of technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.
In terms of going forwards and with future business developments, the survey additionally found that the majority of IT leaders are planning to increase their investments in intelligent automation. This level of increase is linked with strategies to reconfigure or boots businesses in the context of the slowdown connected to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Many IT professionals stated that they believe automation technology will function as the key to increasing both organizational resilience and workforce productivity in a post-pandemic world.
In relation to the findings, the survey found that 71 percent of IT decision makers agreed with the statement that intelligent self-service automation has helped their organization remain agile during COVID-19. Going forwards into the post-coronavirus world, 64 percent of IT decision makers stated that they expect their organization to increase investments in various forms of automation technology over the coming year. In some cases the level of investment will be substantial, with more than a quarter (26 percent of respondents) saying they will increase their investments by more than 10 percent.
The keenness to invest in automation is reflected in the finding that 76 percent of IT decision makers indicated that automating more customer support tasks would benefit their workforce. Specifically, 76 percent of IT decision makers working in the Enterprise Tech sector and more half in Banking (51 percent) and Government (52 percent) plan to invest in Employee IT Helpdesk solutions.
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