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When the coronavirus pandemic swept through Colombia in March, forcing a national lockdown, Alberto Gomez decided he would sit it out amid the lush green foliage of his botanical garden and tend to his plants.

Yellowstone grizzly bear hunting ban upheld in US

A ban on hunting grizzly bears for sport in the Yellowstone region of the northwestern United States was upheld Wednesday, in a victory for conservationists and several indigenous tribes.

Texas faces future of drier summers and decreasing water supplies

Texas' future climate will feature drier summers and decreasing water supplies for much of the state for the remainder of the 21st century - likely resulting in the driest conditions the state has endured in the last 1,000 years.

Ukraine firefighters beat back fatal forest blazes

Forest fires in eastern Ukraine that have killed five people and left dozens 扑克王游戏下载homeless are being brought under control by firefighters, officials said on Wednesday.

Rain pounds central Japan as 58 feared dead in south

Torrential rain pounded central Japan Wednesday as ities said 58 people were feared dead in days of heavy downpours that have triggered devastating landslides and terrifying floods.

Hundreds battle deadly Ukraine forest fire

Hundreds of firefighters and rescue workers rushed to deal with a forest fire that has killed six people in eastern Ukraine, the interior minister said on Tuesday.

Siberian Arctic sets record for June heat as wildfires spread

Temperatures in Arctic Siberia soared to a record average for June, more than 5 degrees Celsius (9°F) above normal, in a heatwave that is stoking some of the worst wildfires the region has ever known.

52 dead in Japan floods as more troops join rescue

Japan will deploy more troops to search for survivors of devastating floods and landslides that have killed at least 52 people in the southwest of the country, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe pledged Tuesday.

Rain hampers rescue efforts after deadly Japan floods

Torrential rain hampered the efforts of tens of thousands of rescue workers in southwestern Japan Monday as they hunted for survivors from deadly floods and landslides, with more downpours forecast.

Pink ice in Italy's Alps sparks algae probe

Scientists in Italy are investigating the mysterious appearance of pink glacial ice in the Alps, caused by algae that accelerate the effects of climate change.

Climate change 'fuelling deadly India lightning strikes'

Lightning strikes killed 147 people in the north Indian state of Bihar over the last 10 days, officials said Sunday, warning of more extreme weather conditions to come, driven by climate change.

Two feared dead, 13 missing as heavy rain lashes western Japan

At least two people were feared dead and 13 others went missing in western Japan Saturday as record heavy rain triggered massive floods and landslides, forcing ities to issue evacuation orders for more than 76,000 residents.

Deadly heatwave to hit large part of U.S. next week

A sustained blast of heat is expected to bake much of the United States with hotter-than-usual temperatures this holiday weekend, and forecasts suggest that the extreme heat and the humidity could linger for several weeks.

Brazilian Amazon sees worst June in 13 years for forest fires

Amazon forest fires in Brazil increased by 19.5 percent in June compared to the same month last year, making it the worst June in 13 years, ities revealed on Wednesday.

New insights into atmospheric pollution sound warning bells

The global heating effect is leading to higher than predicted levels of methane, an insight that relates to better understanding aquatic microbial life. In other areas, the levels of harmful particles remain high, especially in the Sahara.

Data shows 14.6 million properties in U.S. at risk from floods

A new, nationwide flood modeling tool released Monday paints a picture of the U.S. as a country woefully underprepared for damaging floods, both now and in the future. And as climate change accelerates, the flood risk will only grow.

Russian mining giant admits waste 'violations' at Arctic plant

A Russian mining giant behind an enormous Arctic fuel spill last month said Sunday it had suspended workers at a metals plant who were responsible for pumping wastewater into nearby tundra.

EU's Borrell says Turkish gas drills off Cyprus 'must stop'

European Union foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said Thursday that "illegal" Turkish drilling for gas off the divided island of Cyprus "must stop", as he met Cypriot officials in Nicosia.

Mexico quake death toll rises to 10

The death toll from a powerful earthquake that struck southern Mexico has risen to ten, the federal government said Wednesday.The 7.

Sahara dust cloud looms over Cuba, Caribbean and Florida

A massive cloud of Saharan dust darkened much of Cuba on Wednesday and began to affect air quality in Florida, sparking warnings to people with respiratory illnesses to stay 扑克王游戏下载home.

Ukraine flooding leaves three dead, hundreds 扑克王游戏下载homeless

Three people have died and hundreds have fled their 扑克王游戏下载homes in western Ukraine following the worst flooding in a decade, ities said Wednesday.

Climate Change — Most Americans say government needs to do more

A majority of Americans continue to say they see the effects of climate change in their own communities and believe that the federal government falls short in its efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change.

US energy laggards still not Paris compliant: analysis

US-based oil and gas majors are lagging well behind their European counterparts when it comes to plans for cutting emissions to comply with the Paris climate deal, according to analysis released Wednesday.

$4 trillion fund holders tell Brazil to halt deforestation

Investment funds managing close to $4 trillion in assets called on Brazil Tuesday to halt deforestation of the Amazon in an open letter warning that biodiversity loss and carbon emissions pose a "systemic risk" to their portfolios.

Arctic town reaches 100°F — The highest temperature ever recorded

Temperatures in the small Siberian town of Verkhoyansk hit 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit on Saturday, according to public-facing weather data. It's a record-high temperature in one of the fastest-warming places in the world.

Water hyacinth pest chokes Iraq's vital waterways

The broad leaves and delicate purple flowers floating on the Euphrates look breathtaking -- but they are suffocating the waterways of Iraq, celebrated as the "land of the two rivers".

Saharan dust cloud headed for U.S. to reduce tropical development

Gulf Coast residents will be getting some vivid sunrises and sunsets, and a few health hazards, next week when a massive Saharan dust cloud finally reaches the United States

Build a better, greener world economy after pandemic: Stiglitz

Business as usual is not an option once the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, according to Nobel laureate economist Joseph Stiglitz, who wants new climate-laced metrics to measure growth beyond the blunt instrument of GDP.

Russia says has removed fuel from river hit by Arctic spill

Russia has finished clearing fuel from the surface of a river hit by a massive diesel spill in the Arctic region, but the full clean-up could take years, officials said Wednesday.

In virus lockdown, Europe's predators regain turf

The hunter-prey drama took place just outside wildlife enthusiast Ennio Ciccotti's window, in the central Italian town of Scanno.

Giant tortoise Diego, a hero to his species, is 扑克王游戏下载home

Diego the giant Galapagos tortoise whose tireless efforts are credited with almost single-handedly saving his once-threatened species, was put out to pasture Monday on his native island after decades of breeding in captivity, Ecuador's environment mini...

Op-Ed: CO2 poisoning, oxygen availability, and emerging health risks

George Floyd isn’t the only one who can’t breathe. Vast amounts of carbon CO2 are bad for you. Reduced oxygen availability and billions of tons of carbon still entering the air are making it hard for anyone to breathe.

Brazilian Amazon deforestation hits new record in May

Deforestation continued to surge in the Brazilian Amazon last month, according to official figures released Friday, showing it was the worst May and worst first five months of the year on record.

COVID-19 plus heat-wave signals water shortages over the summer

People in the U.K. have been asked to preserve water, in the facing of impending water shortages. This is something that has been driven by the recent heatwave and a consequence of more people working at 扑克王游戏下载home as a result of COVID-19.

Pretty in pink: India crater lake changes colour overnight

A crater lake in India's western Maharashtra state has turned pink overnight, delighting nature enthusiasts and surprising experts who attributed it to changing salinity levels and the presence of algae in the water.

Dozens killed as south China hit by floods and rainstorms

Floods and mudslides in south China have uprooted hundreds of thousands of people and left dozens dead or missing, state media reported Thursday.

Russia says 'years' needed to clean up Arctic spill

Russian investigators on Wednesday detained three staff of a power plant over a huge fuel spill in the Arctic, as response teams warned a full clean-up would take years.

Britain reaches an important milestone — Two months coal-free

Britain is about to pass a significant landmark - at midnight on Wednesday, it will have gone two full months without burning coal to generate power. This breaks the previous record set in June 2019 of 18 days, 6 hours, and 10 minutes.

Russian Arctic oil spill now threatens Arctic Ocean

Floating barriers hastily laid across rivers in the far north of Russia have failed to contain a major diesel fuel spill that has now spread to a lake near the Arctic Ocean and is threatening to flow into the Arctic Ocean.

Wildlife activists welcome China's new pangolin protections

Wildlife activists on Wednesday welcomed China's decision to remove pangolin parts from its official list of traditional medicines, as Beijing steps up protection of the heavily-trafficked endangered mammal.

Pakistan battles locusts by turning them into chicken feed

Chickens in Pakistan have been feasting on captured locusts under an initiative to combat swarms of the insects that are threatening food supplies in the impoverished country.
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