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Every year, pounding rains wash away mountains of plastic waste from the streets of Jakarta, with some of it ending up as far away as Bali's beaches. So scientists are turning to satellites to trace the rubbish and figure out how to tackle the problem....

Op-Ed: COVID-19 has pulled our attention away from global warming

No other issue has so consistently hogged the global limelight as the coronavirus pandemic. There have been a few disruptions, like the U.S. presidential elections, riots, and protests worldwide, but the real, long-term issue has been ignored.

Amazon leaders deliver illegal mining petition to Brazil Congress

Indigenous leaders delivered a petition of more than 400,000 signatures to the Brazilian Congress on Thursday, demanding the removal of illegal miners from Yanomami land in the Amazon they say are spreading the coronavirus to vulnerable communities.

Floods kill nine in southern Thailand

Flash floods have claimed at least nine lives in southern Thailand and affected half a million people, officials said Thursday as the region braced for even more rain.

Japan set to ban sales of new petrol cars in mid-2030s: reports

Japan wants to ban sales of new petrol cars in around 15 years' time as part of efforts to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, reports said Thursday.

Pandemics, climate change 'intensify' global health threats

From small island states to urbanised powerhouses, every country on Earth faces "multiplying and intensifying" threats to human health as climate change renders future pandemics and system collapses ever more likely, a major study concluded on Thursday...

Second cyclone in a week threatens Sri Lanka, India

Sri Lanka and southern India battened down the hatches for the second time in a week on Wednesday ahead of the scheduled arrival of another cyclone from the Bay of Bengal.

New Zealand's Ardern declares 'climate emergency'

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern declared a "climate emergency" on Wednesday, telling parliament that urgent action was needed for the sake of future generations.

Climate groups take on Shell in landmark Dutch case

Environmental groups faced off against Shell before a Dutch court Tuesday in a landmark bid to force the oil giant to meet emissions targets in the Paris climate accord.

Deforestation in Brazilian Amazon surges to 12-year high

Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon surged again over the past year, hitting a 12-year high, according to official figures released Monday that drew a chorus of condemnation of President Jair Bolsonaro's government.

Thousands flee as Indonesian volcano bursts to life

Thousands have fled the scene of a rumbling Indonesian volcano that burst to life for the first time in several years, belching a massive column of smoke and ash, the disaster agency said Monday.

Australia bush fire rips through heritage-listed island

Australian firefighters are struggling to control a massive bush fire that already destroyed 40 percent of the UNESCO world heritage-listed Fraser Island before a heatwave hit Monday.

Inquest to probe role of air pollution in death of British girl

A coroner's inquest starts in London on Monday to determine whether air pollution played a role in the death of a nine-year-old girl who lived near a busy road.

Sydney records hottest November night as heatwave sweeps city

Sydney recorded its hottest November night as Australia's largest city suffered through a weekend heatwave that saw daytime temperatures peak above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit).The overnight temperature did not drop below 25.

First Nation fights to save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Gwich'in First Nation is once again facing down a threat to their way of life, as outgoing U.S. President Donald Trump makes a late-game effort to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas exploration before he leaves office.

Mass evacuations hailed for casualty-free India cyclone

Accurate forecasting and the evacuation of several hundred thousand people helped avert any loss of life after a cyclone clobbered southeast India, ities said Thursday, as rescuers worked to restore power and clear fallen trees.

Scores of pilot whales dead in New Zealand stranding

Almost 100 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding on New Zealand's remote Chatham Islands, conservation officials said Wednesday.

India's love affair with coal cools as pressure grows on sector

Funding for coal projects in India has plunged for the second straight year, new figures showed Tuesday, as the world's second biggest coal importer weans itself off the dirty fuel.

Uphill battle but Tehran aims to become bike-friendly

One sunny day, Tehran's mayor and foreign diplomats rode bicycles through the Iranian capital to promote cycling -- no mean feat in a city of steep roads, heavy traffic and toxic fumes.

John Kerry, who signed Paris accord for US, is Biden's climate envoy

Former secretary of state John Kerry signed the 2015 Paris Agreement on behalf of the United States, a decision subsequently reversed by President Donald Trump.

Concrete jungle threatens mangroves on Pakistan island

A short boat ride from the shores of Karachi, mangrove trees sprout along the quiet inlets of an uninhabited island that environmentalists say provides vital coastal protection to Pakistan's largest city.

Argentine black and white tegus spreading across southeastern US

The invasive Argentine black and white tegu lizard, which can reach up to 4-feet in length, has spread throughout Florida's southern region and has even spilled over into Georgia and South Carolina.

Trudeau unveils Canada's new net-zero emissions plan

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau unveiled his government's net-zero accountability plan on Thursday, requiring the federal government to set five-year interim emissions reduction targets over the next 30 years to ensure progress toward that ambitious goal.

Ice storms in Russia's Far East prompts state of emergency

Freak ice storms following an abnormal weather phenomenon has left 150,000 people without water and electricity in the far eastern Russian city of Vladivostok and prompted a state of emergency.

Researchers find microplastics on top of the world at Everest

Traces of microplastics have been found close to the top of Mount Everest, a study showed Friday, likely originating from equipment used by the hundreds of climbers who summit the world's highest peak every year.

How effective is Boris Johnson's 10-point plan for Net Zero? Special

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has outlined his Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution for 250,000 jobs. Is this enough to appease his many criticcs over the limited number of environmental schemes that his government has proposed?

China's new coal plants risk 2060 climate target: researchers

China must stop building new coal power plants and ramp up its wind and solar capacity if it wants to become carbon neutral by 2060, researchers said Friday.

Australia signals shift away from climate credit 'cheating'

Australia's prime minister said the country may no longer rely on a much-criticised accounting tactic to meet its emissions targets, stepping away from an approach international partners had labelled "cheating".

Q&A: Hydrogen’s new path to cleaner energy Special

On November 12, 2020, the US Department of Energy released its “Hydrogen Program Plan,” in which it notes a global need for “Lower-cost and more-efficient technologies for producing hydrogen from water.” A leading expert looks into the issue.

Central American states count cost of Iota amid search for bodies

Rescue workers dug through mounds of thick mud Thursday in the grim search for bodies as Central American countries began to count the cost of Hurricane Iota, which left at least 44 people dead amid a wave of destruction.

Top court gives France three months to show climate efforts

In a ruling hailed as "historic" by environmental activists, France's top administrative court on Thursday gave the government a three-month deadline to show it is taking action to meet its commitments on global warming.

Bags and balloons: NGO documents plastic pollution choking sea life

A dead manatee in Florida was found to have swallowed so many plastic bags they formed a cantaloupe-sized ball in its stomach, while a baby turtle had its intestines perforated by tiny plastic fragments.

Greenland's largest glaciers likely to melt faster than feared: study

The three largest glaciers in Greenland -- which hold enough frozen water to lift global sea levels some 1.3 metres -- could melt faster than even the worst-case warming predictions, research published Tuesday showed.

Central America will be devastated by Category 5 Hurricane Iota

Relief organizations are preparing for the second devastating storm in as many weeks in Central American as Hurricane Iota heads for Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and southern Belize, the same regions hit by Hurricane Eta earlier this month.

Maximum Category 5 Hurricane Iota barrels towards Central America

Hurricane Iota strengthened into a "catastrophic" Category 5 hurricane and was set to slam into Central America late Monday, threatening areas devastated by a powerful storm just two weeks ago, the US National Hurricane Center (NHC) warned.

Vamco hits Vietnam as Philippines death toll rises to 67

Storm Vamco barrelled into Vietnam on Sunday, damaging buildings and injuring at least five people, as the death toll in the Philippines climbed to 67.

Hurricane Iota bears down on storm-battered Central America

Less than two weeks after powerful storm Eta killed more than 200 people across Central America, ities warned that Hurricane Iota was set to wallop coastal areas of Nicaragua and Honduras on Monday.

Hard-hit Central America in crosshairs of another hurricane

Honduras and Guatemala announced evacuations Friday as a second major hurricane in days closed in on Central America with the region still reeling from deadly storm Eta last week.

Stonehenge road tunnel approved despite protests

Britain has approved a controversial plan to build a road tunnel close to the prehistoric site of Stonehenge to relieve congestion, despite strong opposition from archaeologists and druids.

Rain and dam discharge cause flooding in southern Mexico

Torrential rain from Hurricane Eta and water discharged from a dam that had reached capacity meant continued flooding in parts of the southern Mexican state of Tabasco Thursday.

Global warming to continue no matter what we do: study

Even if humanity stopped emitting greenhouse gases tomorrow, Earth will warm for centuries to come and oceans will rise by metres, according to a controversial modelling study published Thursday.
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