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Organizers of a Facebook ad boycott vowed to press on with their campaign, saying the social network's top executives had failed to offer meaningful action on curbing hateful content.

US 'looking at' banning TikTok and other Chinese apps: Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said the US is "looking at" banning Chinese social media apps, including TikTok, over allegations Beijing is using them to spy on users.

TikTok says stopping app operation in Hong Kong

TikTok said late Monday it is stopping its popular video snippet-sharing app from working in Hong Kong due to "recent events.

Hong Kongers scrub social media history in face of security law

Hong Kongers are scrubbing their social media accounts, deleting chat histories and mugging up on cyber privacy as China's newly imposed security law blankets the traditionally outspoken city in fear and self-censorship.

Facebook to advise use of masks amid latest virus spike

Facebook said Thursday it would offer reminders to its users to wear protective masks, responding to the latest surge in US coronavirus cases, which has sparked renewed fears of containing the pandemic.

Op-Ed: Trump thinks he looks like the Lone Ranger when he wears his mask

Under growing pressure from health officials and lawmakers from both parties, President Donald Trump on Wednesday finally endorsed wearing face masks. Well, he sort of - kind of - said that. He did say wearing one made him look like the Lone Ranger.

To be democratic, e-learning needs a common framework

E-learning continues to grow as a learning tool. At its most effective it offers new aspects in an engaging way. To be fully-universal and democratic, in terms of equal access for the world's population, a common operating framework is necessary.

Millions switch to 'local TikToks' after India bans Chinese apps

Millions of Indians have joined 扑克王游戏下载homegrown social media platforms since New Delhi banned a slew of Chinese apps, including TikTok, amid growing tensions between the giant neighbours, industry officials said Thursday.

Facebook boots far-right network and boosts original news

Facebook disrupted a "violent US-based anti-government network" and vowed to give original news priority as it remained under fire for what it takes down and lets stay.

TikTok denies sharing Indian user data with China

TikTok on Tuesday denied sharing users' data with the Chinese government, after India banned the wildly popular app as ties with Beijing deteriorate sharply following a deadly border clash.

After deadly clash, India bans 59 Chinese mobile apps over 'security'

India on Monday banned 59 Chinese mobile apps, including the wildly popular TikTok and WeChat, over national security and privacy concerns two weeks after a deadly Himalayan border clash between the nuclear-armed neighbours.

Distorted Chinese, Russian virus news takes root in West: study

Coronavirus misinformation spread by Russian and Chinese journalists is finding a bigger audience on social media in France and Germany than content from the European nations' own premier news outlets, according to new research.

Starbucks pauses social media ads as it targets 'hate speech'

Starbucks said Sunday that it will pause its advertising on social media while it studies ways to "stop the spread of hate speech" as part of a growing corporate movement.

Trump tweets — then deletes — video of fan yelling 'white power'

US President Donald Trump on Sunday shared a video of a stand-off between anti-Trump protesters and his supporters in which a man chants "white power" -- before deleting it amid an outcry.

Google announces new privacy functions with new browser update

Google has announced new privacy improvements and data retention practices across their core products. The intention is to keep all user information safe and to put the user back in control.

Variable broadband, data shows big differences by region

The most common broadband issues encountered in 扑克王游戏下载homes all around the U.K. have been revealed as part of the Bandwidth Britain Report by Uswitch.

Unilever pulls Facebook, Twitter ads in US over 'polarized' election

Consumer giant Unilever, 扑克王游戏下载home to brands including Ben and Jerry's and Marmite, said Friday it will stop advertising on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the US until the end of 2020 due to the "polarized election period" there.

We're now spending a quarter of our time online

As you're reading this article online, you may be interested to learn that adults are now spending around one quarter of their time reading or engaging with on-line content. This represents a significant increase year-on-year.

Verizon joins brands boycotting Facebook ads over hate speech

US telecoms giant Verizon joined the growing list of brands vowing to stop buying advertising on Facebook on Thursday over its perceived failure to crack down on hate speech and incitements to violence.

Expert tips on boosting your broadband speed Special

A new report titled Bandwidth Britain Report has revealed that 35 percent of broadband users in the U,K. have recently complained about slower Internet speeds during lockdown.

Online shopping a steep learning curve for Cuba

When Jorge Noris first tried online shopping, Cuban-style, the products he bought never turned up.Like most people, the father of two living on the outskirts of Havana was seduced by the convenience of shopping over the internet.

Twitter hides 'abusive' Trump tweet targeting protestors

Twitter on Tuesday hid a tweet from President Donald Trump in which he threatened to use "serious force" against protestors in the US capital, saying it broke rules over abusive content.

Stonehenge summer solstice livestreamed during COVID-19 pandemic

English Heritage canceled this year's celebration of the summer solstice at Stonehenge due to a ban on mass gatherings - but live-streamed the sunrise on social media instead, although senior druid King Arthur Pendragon said it was "not very pagan."

Internet blackout in Myanmar's Rakhine enters second year

The internet shutdown in Myanmar's conflict-ridden northwest, described by rights groups as the world's longest, entered a second year Sunday with locals and campaigners appealing for an end to the blackout as coronavirus fears grip the region.

YouTube hit with discrimination suit by black video artists

A lawsuit filed this week in federal court accuses YouTube of discriminating against African American video makers and viewers by factoring in race when it comes to filtering or monetizing content.

Australia under 'malicious' cyberattacks from state actor

Australia's prime minister said Friday his country was under a broad cyberattack from a "state-based actor" targeting government, public services and businesses, with suspicions falling on China.

Trump ads taken down over violation of Facebook hate policies

Facebook said on Thursday it took down posts and ads run by the re-election campaign of U.S. President Donald Trump for violating its policy against organized hate. The ads had red downward-pointing triangles associated with Nazi political prisoners.

French constitutional ity blocks online hate law

France's highest constitutional ity on Thursday ruled that it objected to a key part of new legislation that aims to fight hatred online but has also sparked controversy among critics as harming civil liberties.

US civil rights groups call for Facebook ad boycott over hate speech

US civil rights groups have called for advertisers to boycott Facebook in July, saying hate speech and incitement to violence are not being moderated on the platform.

Op-Ed: No, Mr. Trump — An AIDS vaccine does not yet exist

Oh, gosh - President Donald Trump just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut. At a press conference on Tuesday, he said he's working with the same scientists who had created an “AIDS vaccine” while discussing the future of a COVID-19 vaccine.

Facebook says to block foreign state media ads for US election

Facebook says it will block ads from foreign state media during the US election, as well as allowing users to hide all paid-for political messages.

Flirting with danger: Message apps add to China marital woes

Echo couldn't figure out why her Shanghai businessman husband routinely came 扑克王游戏下载home well past midnight, straining their 10-year marriage -- until she looked at his phone.

Op-Ed: Facebook follows Google, won't pay ad revenue share in Australia

As lousy ideas go, the Australian government’s initiative to try to make Google and Facebook pay a share of local ad revenue is looking worse than lousy. There are major issues with this idea and they’re not all about money.

Facebook rejects call to share revenue with Australian media

Facebook on Monday rejected calls from the Australian government and news companies that it share advertising revenue with the media, suggesting it would rather cut news content from its platform.

Op-Ed: It’s time to make DOXing and online harassment criminal offences

The law is way too behind online realities. DOXing is the publishing of people’s personal details online. A recent case in the UK basically defines very dangerous issues and risks. This is breach of privacy, with clearly criminal hacking of info.

TikTok rival Zynn blames Google Play removal on 'isolated incident'

Video app Zynn on Friday blamed its removal from Google Play Store on an "isolated incident" that should soon be resolved following accusations that stolen content appeared on the Chinese-made TikTok rival.

New e-book on Intent-Based Networking

A new book called 'Intent-Based Networking for Dummies' is now available. Intent-Based Networking (IBN) is now an industry buzz word. The book aims to "wave away the fog to provide you with a clear understanding of what IBN really is."

Twitter deletes Chinese 'state-linked' disinformation network

Twitter said Friday it had deleted more than 170,000 accounts linked to a Chinese government disinformation campaign that targeted Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement and sought to discredit the United States.

Zoom accedes to Chinese demands to shutter online activist meetings

Zoom said Thursday it acceded to Chinese government demands that it close accounts of US and Hong Kong activists who gathered on the popular chat app to mark the deadly Tiananmen crackdown.

Twitter removes China, Russia and Turkey 'state-linked' accounts

Twitter on Friday said it had removed tens of thousands of "state linked" accounts used by China, Russia and Turkey to push their own propaganda, sow misinformation or attack critics.

Raising speech fears, Zoom briefly shuts account over Tiananmen

Zoom said Wednesday that it had temporarily closed a US account of activists who met to mark the anniversary of China's crackdown in Tiananmen Square, raising alarm over free speech on the fast-growing video-meeting service.
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