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According to a leading expert, the COVID-19 era means it is an important time to revisit your plan (or your parents’ plan) for elder care. How should you or your loved ones prepare for 扑克王游戏下载home health care, nursing 扑克王游戏下载home care, or essential medical supplies?

UK royal residences reopen after virus shutdown

Some of Queen Elizabeth II's royal residences will reopen to the public later this month after closing during the coronavirus shutdown, the Royal Collection Trust announced Wednesday.

Elise Drake talks JAWBRKR, artwork, proud moments and digital age Special

Acclaimed artist Elise Drake chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about being the co-founder of JAWBRKR, a full-service experiential marketing, 3-D Design, custom props, and fabrication company.

Coronavirus 'second wave' batters ex-Soviet Central Asia

At a call centre functioning as a coronavirus hotline in Kyrgyzstan's capital Bishkek, the volunteers manning the telephones are under siege.

Kamini Wood opens up about new book 'OM: Life's Gentle Reminders' Special

Best-selling and life coach Kamini Wood chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about her latest novel, "OM: Life's Gentle Reminders."

EPA approves two Lysol Products to kill COVID-19 on surfaces

The EPA has added two Lysol products to the agency's list of over 431 disinfectants that can kill viruses. However, the Lysol products have proven to be effective against the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19.

Pompeo sees progress in reopening travel with EU

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday he saw progress in reopening travel with the European Union shut by the coronavirus pandemic but offered no timeline.

AirAsia's future in doubt due to virus; share price tumbles

The future of top regional budget carrier AirAsia is in "significant doubt" due to the collapse in demand for air travel caused by coronavirus, its auditor warned, sending its share price tumbling 18 percent on Wednesday.

Op-Ed: How does COVID-19 affect multiple organs after ‘recovery’?

The more anyone learns about COVID-19, the harder to define its range of effects becomes. This virus is causing problems for survivors in multiple types of organs and tissues. There may be valuable information to be found here.

Two conjoined twins separated successfully in Italy

A hospital in Rome said on Tuesday it had successfully separated two-year-old twins joined above the nape of their necks, after three risky surgeries.

Brazil to become testing ground for coronavirus vaccine

Brazil may be struggling in its battle against the coronavirus, but it is on the cutting edge of vaccine development with large-scale trials and the production of millions of doses on the horizon.

Green light for 'colossal' renovation of Paris Gare du Nord

Europe's busiest train station, the bustling Gare du Nord in Paris, appeared set for a colossal facelift after regional ities on Tuesday approved a divisive 600-million-euro ($678-million) overhaul.

Fauci warns US is 'knee-deep' in first wave of coronavirus

The United States is still "knee-deep" in its first wave of coronavirus infections and must act immediately to tackle the recent surge, the country's top infectious diseases expert said Monday.

New Zealand restricts entry for Kiwis escaping coronavirus

New Zealand began restricting the return of its own nationals Tuesday as the country faces an accelerating influx of citizens fleeing coronavirus outbreaks overseas and limited quarantine facilities.

Op-Ed: DANGER — 'Mild’ COVID-19 survivors getting major conditions

Despite the massive disinformation and ignorance spewing from the various political systems, the virus is creating new problems, and a lot of them, fast. People who’ve recovered from “mild” cases are having serious issues.

U.S. FDA issues guidance for drug manufacturers during COVID-19

One area where additional measures are needed in the time of the coronavirus pandemic is with the manufacture of medicinal products. The U.S. FDA has issued some new guidance, calling for special risk assessments to be put in place.

Global experts warn of COVID-19 airborne threat

As countries ease their lockdowns, ities need to recognize the coronavirus can spread through the air far beyond the two meters (six feet) urged in social distancing guidelines, an international group of 239 scientists said Monday.

COVID-19 imperils AIDS progress, UN warns

COVID-19 could cause an additional half a million AIDS deaths if treatment is disrupted long term, the United Nations said Monday in a warning that the pandemic was jeopardising years of progress against HIV.

Kenya to emerge from virus lockdown, resume international flights

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on Monday announced a "phased reopening" of the country, with the resumption of international flights from August 1 as well as the lifting of internal travel restrictions.

Australia moves to seal off virus-hit state as outbreak worsens

Australia will effectively seal off the state of Victoria from the rest of the country, ities said Monday, announcing unprecedented measures to tackle a worrying surge in coronavirus cases.

Prevelance of coronavirus in hospital air handling settings

A study of hospital air handling systems has shown that around a quarter have recovered coronavirus RNA. These findings suggest that viral particles can be readily distributed around a typical healthcare setting.

Taj Mahal remains shut as India reports record daily virus cases

India's top tourist attraction the Taj Mahal will remain shut, officials said Sunday, as the vast nation registered a record daily number of coronavirus cases and opened a sprawling treatment centre in the capital to fight the pandemic.

Florida shatters single-day record for new coronavirus cases

Florida on Saturday reported at least 11,445 new coronavirus cases, the state’s largest number of daily cases so far, according to figures released by the Florida Department of Health.

Remdesivir out-of-stock, as other manufacturers start producing Special

With the U.S. buying up most of Gilead’s stock of COVID-19 drug remdesivir, what hope is there for other countries who wish to treat people with COVID-19? An expert surveys the pharma production situation.

Gilty pleasure: Vietnam opens world's 'first' gold-plated hotel

For guests at the "Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake" coffee comes in a gold cup and bath time is taken in gilded splendour.

US under siege as pandemic accelerates, Britain eases quarantine

The United States posted a record 53,000 new coronavirus cases as the deadly pandemic accelerated across the Americas, but its slowdown in Europe led Britain to announce Friday the first exemptions to its quarantine rules.

WHO says Mideast at 'critical threshold' in virus numbers

The World Health Organization warned Wednesday the Middle East was at a decisive moment in the fight against the novel coronavirus, with cases surging as countries ease lockdown measures.

Frances Metzman talks new book 'The Cha Cha Babes of Pelican Way' Special

Best-selling Frances Metzman chatted with Digital Journal's Markos Papadatos about her new book, "The Cha Cha Babes of Pelican Way."

BioNTech, Pfizer report progress in coronavirus vaccine trial

BioNTech of Germany and the US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer reported positive preliminary results on Wednesday from a joint project to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

EU reopens to outside visitors as virus surges in US

The European Union reopened its borders on Wednesday to visitors from 15 countries but excluded the United States, where coronavirus deaths are spiking once again, six months after the first cluster was reported in China.

Greece reopens islands to flights in bid to save tourism season

Greece on Wednesday reopened flights to its flagship island destinations as it raced to salvage a portion of the annual tourism season that is vital to its economy.

US could hit 100,000 new virus cases a day: Fauci

A top US health expert warned Congress on Tuesday that new coronavirus cases could more than double to 100,000 per day if ities and the public fail to take steps to suppress the pandemic.

Pakistan's PIA suspended in Europe over fake pilot licence scandal

Regulators have barred Pakistan International Airlines from the European Union for six months after the state-run carrier grounded nearly a third of its pilots for holding fake or dubious licences, officials said Tuesday.

Swathe of Melbourne ordered into lockdown as virus spikes in Australia

Hundreds of thousands of people across Melbourne's north and west were ordered to stay at 扑克王游戏下载home Tuesday as Australia's second-biggest city struggled to contain a spike in coronavirus cases.

Op-Ed: COVID-19 survivors — PTSD, delirium, and more as infections rise

The pandemic is now really looking out of control. Daily cases worldwide are now nearly 3 times the rate as when it started, according to Johns Hopkins figures. Now, the truly scary survivor stories are coming out, and they’re not pretty.

China to restrict visas for some Americans over Hong Kong row

China announced Monday visa restrictions on US citizens who have "behaved egregiously" over Hong Kong, ahead of the expected approval by Chinese lawmakers of a controversial national security law for the city.

Op-Ed: Aphantasia — When the mind’s eye can’t see, things get grim

Some people can’t visualize well, or barely at all. The mind doesn’t create inner images. It’s called Aphantasia, a condition affecting up to 5% of the population. Now, it seems that it might have some implications for memory.

Can a toilet promote coronavirus transmission?

Among the different health risks and modes of infection transmission in relation to the novel coronavirus one area that has not been examined in any detail are restrooms. Do viruses survive, for example, on porcelain?

WHO says pandemic 'not even close' to over as toll passes 500,000

The coronavirus pandemic is "not even close to being over", the WHO warned Monday, as the global death toll passed half a million and cases surge in Latin America and the United States.

China puts half a million people in lockdown as Beijing fights new cluster

China imposed a strict lockdown on nearly half a million people in a province surrounding the capital to contain a fresh coronavirus cluster on Sunday, as ities warned the outbreak was still "severe and complicated.

EU delays decision on border reopening

The EU cannot agree on a list of "safe countries" from where travellers could visit Europe in July, with some member states requiring more time to decide, diplomats said Saturday.
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