How video conferencing is booming for IT pros during the pandemic
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article imageHow video conferencing is booming for IT pros during the pandemic

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By Tim Sandle     Jul 4, 2020 in Technology
A new survey finds over half of CIO’s and IT VPs admit to currently increasing cloud spend. And around four-fifths indicate that they will continue to use cloud services and applications they implemented during the shift to remote work.
The survey comes from Snow Software,which is a technology intelligence solutions company. Snow commissioned the research and surveyed 250 IT leaders around the world to find out how cloud usage and investment decisions have evolved during the crisis.
The data reveals that video conferencing apps have been the best life savers during the current crisis, regardless of job title of status within the typical corporation. As well as video technology, there has also been a reliance upon social media. Here 65 percent of CIOs and VPs also noted that social media has been a lifesaver, compared to just 44 percent of IT managers.
The data also finds that 45 percent of CIO’s and IT VPs also report approaching their cloud vendors to ask for extended payment terms and 30 percent note that they are renegotiating cloud contract. Following this, just 11 percent of IT directors are state they are putting their digital transformation initiatives on hold compared with 27 percent of IT managers and 23 percent of IT VPs/CIOs.
This contrasts with some other surveys which indicate an upsurge in digital transformation projects. According to a survey run by Computer Weekly, the coronavirus pandemic has led to a virtual re-setting of the digital transformation reset button, with an upturn in spending and development work. In parallel, the latest LeapPulse survey showed 83 percent of the respondents said their organisation had become more focused on digital during COVID-19.
With building a digital strategy, the findings also show that, overall, VPs and CIOs seem to have a more aggressive outlook in terms of how much the pandemic has changed their organization. With this, some organizations are accelerating transformation and maintaining new cloud spend.
Another practice being adopted, is where senior leaders say they are negotiating for better terms with vendors (30 percent of respondents).
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