What are the top Medtech trends of 2020?
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article imageWhat are the top Medtech trends of 2020?

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By Tim Sandle     10 hours ago in Technology
The medical device industry has experienced a monumental change in 2020. With the sudden surge of demand for critical devices like ventilators, as a result of COVID-19, medtech continues to experience radical shifts.
Medtech is a very broad sector, referring to any technology that can be used in a care setting, which covers disposables, capital equipment and surgical procedure innovations, through to implant technology, biomaterials and connected health IT.
New insights from Supplyframe have captured the top trends and provide an indication as to how medical devices are changing and evolving. These trends have been provided to Digital Journal for review.
Robotics on The Rise
With the shifting landscape of healthcare, robots can fill gaps where social distancing is necessary, and perform valuable tasks without the same risk a human would endure in an identical situation. Given current events, this could signal an even higher demand for medical robotics in the near future. Experts predict that this sector of healthcare could balloon to $20 billion by 2023.
The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare
Both artificial intelligence and its subset, machine learning, offer significant benefits to the healthcare industry. Specifically, they can help diagnose diseases earlier, optimize treatments or clinical trials, and even offer targeted treatment for patients.
Increasing Device Lifespans With Better Power Sources
The focus on safe and reliable power sources will continue to be a point of innovation in future medical device designs.
Rising Demand During a Global Pandemic
The surge in demand has revealed numerous vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the medtech supply chain. As we push towards the next normal, the lessons learned in 2020 will result in several major changes:
Agile and flexible supply chains,
Leveraging more data and IoT connectivity,
Moving production into hospitals, such as 3D printers.
A Shift Towards Virtual Care
Virtual doctor appointments are becoming increasingly common as medical professionals looking for ways to provide treatment without having to enter overcrowded hospitals.
As these new trends become part of the next normal, many medtech companies are reviewing the shifts mentioned above in their upcoming new product introductions and future product designs.
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