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Symptoms of coronavirus infection linked to loss of smell

Researchers have looked into the loss of smell and taste as major COVID-19 symptoms. This finding has come from patients with high recovery rates. The scientists advise clinicians to include sensory impairment as part of coronavirus screening measures.

A sense of touch: Allowing robots to feel

Houston - Researchers have devised an artificial skin that allows a robot to sense ‘touch’, to a degree in a way that is similar to people. This is a step forward in the development of robotics and will be of interest to developers.

Essential Science: Learn about the new field of neurogastronomy

Scientists aand chefs might appear as an unlikely combination, but representatives from each profession are working together within a new scientific field called neurogastronomy. The research area attempts to find out how the brain interprets flavor.

Evidence for a ‘sixth sense’ revealed

Do animals possess a ‘sixth sense’? Well possibly, but it has nothing to do with supernatural powers. Biologists have been studying the ability to sense electrical fields.

Super artificial skin enhances sense of touch

Researchers have designed artificial skin that is sensitive to tactile information. The developed skin is 1,000 times more sensitive than human skin.

Blindness boosts hearing ability

New research shows that hearing improves in mice that were deprived of visual stimulus for a week. The experiment was designed to measure 'sensory compensation'.

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Our minds simulate past experiences.
Our minds simulate past experiences.
Adrian McGarry
In this painting by Pietro Paolini  each individual represents one of the five senses - The Walters ...
In this painting by Pietro Paolini, each individual represents one of the five senses - The Walters Art Museum.
Pietro Paolini

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