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Essential Science: Why coronavirus causes smell loss is revealed

One of the symptoms of COVID-19 established early on during the coronavirus pandemic was will a loss of smell (anosmia) on the part of many who were infected. New research has the answer to why this happens.

Symptoms of coronavirus infection linked to loss of smell

Researchers have looked into the loss of smell and taste as major COVID-19 symptoms. This finding has come from patients with high recovery rates. The scientists advise clinicians to include sensory impairment as part of coronavirus screening measures.

Kerala floods give way to stench and uncertainty

Aluva - The overpowering stench that fills the air in the Kerala town of Aluva is an inescapable reminder that while the filthy floodwaters may subside, the full toll of the devastating monsoon deluge will take time to emerge.

Crowdsourcing project seeks to see how well a molecule will smell

In some areas of science predictions can easily be made, such as the likely color formed from mixing two substances together, or perhaps the sound from an object. Odor is altogether more complex. New research seeks to deconstruct smells.

Essential Science: Learn about the new field of neurogastronomy

Scientists aand chefs might appear as an unlikely combination, but representatives from each profession are working together within a new scientific field called neurogastronomy. The research area attempts to find out how the brain interprets flavor.

Fart pills can make your farts smell like roses and chocolate

Gesvres - Christian Poinchevalhas, from France, created a pill that he says is designed to make your farts smell like roses and chocolate.

Smokers smoke less if they sniff bad odors at night

Tel Aviv - Smokers smoke fewer cigarettes during the day after smelling cigarette smoke together with foul odors during sleep, a new study shows.

Rats learn fear through odors

A new study has found that rodent pups can learn to fear a stimulus through the odor signals given by their mother. The findings suggest a mechanism for how animals might inherit the experiences of their parents.

Human skin can 'smell odors'

Ruhrort - Scientists have detected olfactory receptors in the skin. It is thought that these sensors may help repair damaged tissue.

What our nose knows

New York - The human nose can differentiate more than a trillion odors, a new study has reported. However, there is considerable variation between different people.

Why are mosquitoes attracted to people?

Female mosquitoes, which can transmit deadly diseases like malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus and filariasis, are attracted to people by smelling the carbon dioxide we exhale. This is the outcome of a new study.

Can we detect fatty foods by smelling?

New York - New research from the Monell Center suggests that people can use their sense of smell to detect levels of dietary fat in food.

Human bacteria used to make cheese that smells like body parts

An exhibit, dubbed 'Selfmade', in Dublin features eleven cheeses that were crafted with bacteria from toes and belly buttons

Scentee: New smartphone app sprays scent alerts for FB 'Likes'

If sight and sound aren't enough, a new app that sprays different scents has been developed for those bored with using smartphone apps for just looking at images or listening to sounds.

Study: Detecting bird flu by smell

Some diseases can modify animal odors in subtle ways. In one study, it has been shown that infection with avian influenza (AIV) alters fecal odors in mallards. This could lead to a new detection method to root out infected birds.

Is it possible to 'sniff out' Alzheimer’s?

A remarkable and inexpensive peanut-butter smell test could help diagnose the neurodegenerative disease Alzheimer’s in its early stages.

Mothers are more sensitive to the 'new baby' smell

The brains of new mothers show a stronger response to infant body odor compared with the brains of women who aren’t mothers.

The 'smell' of white can hide strong smells

Researchers have developed a chemical 'smell' which they have called “olfactory white”. Olfactory white is a mixture of many different smelly compounds. The compound has the remarkable potential to combat other strong odors.

Want to know what space smells like?

Have you ever wondered what it smells like out in space? Now NASA has hired a scent chemist to try to reproduce the odour.

Men with STDs smell putrid to women, says new study

Novosibirsk - A group of Russian scientists say that their study shows that men with STDs give odor that women say is putrid. The scientists say that humans, like animals such as mice, may be using sense of smell to sniff out attractive and healthy sexual partners.

Fargginay's treasure: Bacon fragrances on sale now

Legend has it that in the year 1920 a Parisian butcher accidentally concocted a powerful, mood-lifting elixir and discreetly distributed the popular remedy to those with power or fame. Four years later, the butcher lost his shop and the recipe to a fire.

What is your favorite smell?

In a study by scientists at Cardiff University for Britain's Flour Advisory Bureau, it was discovered that Britons love the smell of toast.

Giant, odiforous landfill in China deodorized

Beijiang - It's a twisted case of 'if you can't beat 'em, join 'em' at a landfill outside Beijiang. Beijiang officials hope spraying perfume from hundreds of high-pressure nozzles around a major landfill can temporarily end complaints about the stink.

Fear has an odour, and it's contagious too

A group of researchers from Stony Brook University in New York have found that humans can detect the scent of fear and it is contagious too explaining how phobias spread quite quickly.

An Engineering Advance Paves The Way for Artificial Noses

MIT biological engineers have found a way to mass-produce smell receptors in the laboratory, an advance that paves the way for "artificial noses" to be created and used in a variety of settings.

Brave mice? These rodents can't smell fear

Japanese scientists find that fear is linked to the sense of smell and when they switch the sense smell receptors in mice, they don’t show any fear of predators including cats.

Elephants Can Smell Friend or Foe

If you planning to travel to elephant country or possibly even the zoo do not wear red. A study has shown that elephants may react aggressively to the colour red. The colour may cause them to take off fast and far.

Some Lose Sense of Directions, Others Lose Their Sense of Smell

What attracts the opposite sex? Which senses will determine the direction in which a relationship is likely to head? You might be headed in the wrong direction if your body chemistry doesn't match up with your partner's.

Neighbors Complain Of 'Unbearable Stench' Coming From Gordon Ramsay's Restaurant

Neighbors of Gordon Ramsay's New York restaurant say there is a "stench" coming from the place that is "unbearable." The man himself would likely tell them to "shut it" and stick it up their...tailpipe.

Careful of the cologne, guys: sexual success relates to smell

There goes another myth. It’s not what you look like, unless you’re scaring the paint off the walls. It’s what you smell like, particularly if you’re a guy. Apparently most people can literally sniff their way past all the camouflage.
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