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Science of aromas used to make dog food more palatable

Science has led to an improvement in pet food over the past few decades, but can chemistry go further? Researchers have undertaken chemical analysis of dog food in order to encourage the fussiest of eaters.

Symptoms of coronavirus infection linked to loss of smell

Researchers have looked into the loss of smell and taste as major COVID-19 symptoms. This finding has come from patients with high recovery rates. The scientists advise clinicians to include sensory impairment as part of coronavirus screening measures.

Essential Science: We shouldn’t like coffee, but we do

It may seem like a strange question and one that could be posed at any food or beverage. However, with coffee the bitter taste means that humans should not really like the drink. But we do, and science offers an answer.

Science of bread making reveals the secrets of taste and aroma

Paris - The art of bread making may be well established but there remains a lot to learn in terms of reproducing artisanal bread on a mass scale. This is where science comes in and new research reveals more about taste and aroma.

Medical evidence grows for a sixth taste

Corvallis - Given that 'carb cravings' are hard to resist by many people, some scientists are talking up 'starch' as a sixth taste to add to the five already characterized. What is the evidence for this?

Essential Science: Learn about the new field of neurogastronomy

Scientists aand chefs might appear as an unlikely combination, but representatives from each profession are working together within a new scientific field called neurogastronomy. The research area attempts to find out how the brain interprets flavor.

Gorillas have individual musical tastes

New York City - Gorillas, like people, have strong personal preferences as to the type of music that is played within their ear-shot. Gorillas, in a recent study, were shown to display different responses to various melodic sounds.

Not such a bitter taste for Vampire bats

Wuhan - Vampire bats exist on a diet mainly made up of blood. Due to this, the flying mammals have largely lost the ability to taste bitter flavors, according to a new study.

Study: Teen smokers favor flavored 'cigarillos'

Advertising smoking products for kids has long been banned in North America. Despite that a new study found that teens greatly prefer flavored smoking brands to unflavored ones.

Secrets of a good wine are found in bacteria

Scientists have mapped the partial genetic structure of a common lactic acid bacterium. This bacterium is key to a good bottle of wine.

Human bacteria used to make cheese that smells like body parts

An exhibit, dubbed 'Selfmade', in Dublin features eleven cheeses that were crafted with bacteria from toes and belly buttons

Why do Szechuan peppers sizzle?

A dash of Szechuan peppers to a dish delivers a lip-rattling experience. The reason has been identified as specialized nerve fibers that detect physical vibrations.

Video: Chris Hadfield asked if food tastes any different in space

If you have ever wondered if food tastes different when you are up in space, Chris Hadfield, the Canadian astronaut on the International Space Station, was asked and tells us yes. Well, sort of.

Cannabis ingredient improves appetite, taste for cancer patients

A new study shows THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, improved appetite and sense of taste for cancer patients who also reported sleeping better from cannabinoid therapy.

Umami Named the Fifth Taste on its 100th Anniversary

That Hardy meaty taste has never been fully defined by the four taste senses, salty, sour,sweet, and bitter. Now instead of saying something "Tastes like Chicken," you can correctly say it tastes like Umami.

PreSchool Children Say McDonald's Tastes Better

A recent study shows the impact that advertising has on pre-school children when it comes to food. the children said that anything they ate that was in a McDonald's wrapper just tasted better than anything that wasnt, even when the food was the same.

Heavenly Wine Sauce Recipe

Heres another fine recipe, for serving with most meats, including chicken, turkey, beef, lamb and venison.

First School To Replace Fat Dressing By Low Cal Food Additive Z-Trim

A Plum Borough School District has become the first school in the United States to start using a fat replacement substance called Z Trim in its cafeteria food.

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Cutting fresh baked salmon.
Cutting fresh baked salmon.
Street vendor of fresh food in Guanajuato  Mexico.
Street vendor of fresh food in Guanajuato, Mexico.
Variety of healthy food on the street market in Vila Madalena  Sao Paulo  Brazil.
Variety of healthy food on the street market in Vila Madalena, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

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