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Tim Sandle

Editor-at-Large based in London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom. Joined on Oct 1, 2011
Expertise in Science & space, Men's health, Internet, Small business, Charity & volunteer work,   see all» Sexual health, Travel, General business news & info, Women's health, Government, Environment & green living, Pets, Social media, Jobs, Celebrities, Board games, Stocks & trading, Drinks, Concerts, Technology, Movies, Careers & workplace, Unemployment, Sports, Video games, Entertainment, Music, Food, dining & restaurants, Politics, Health, Automotive, Food, recipes, Books, Education, Pharmaceuticals



Q&A: COVID-19 and the impact on long-term care insurance benefits Special

According to a leading expert, the COVID-19 era means it is an important time to revisit your plan (or your parents’ plan) for elder care. How should you or your loved ones prepare for 扑克王游戏下载home health care, nursing 扑克王游戏下载home care, or essential medical supplies?

U.S. Video Game Day: People divided on best gaming console

July 8 marks National Video Game Day in the U.S. As well as providing a nudge to dust down those old video games and reboot the console, it is also time to reflect on the future of gaming and to see which format of video game hardware is winning out.

Why enterprises should not over rely on AI for cybersecurity Special

Artificial intelligence is a strong tool for cybersecurity, but it is not the silver bullet. Many enterprises must not overly rely on it for their security, or they could be setting themselves up for problems, says Mike Cutlip (iti).

V Shred exposes 1 million files with open S3 bucket Special

It has been revealed that fitness brand V Shred left the information thousands of customers on a completely unsecured AWS S3 bucket. V Shred have addressed the issue; however, there are concerns about the content of the exposed data.

Why privacy (CCPA) measures require more than just encryption Special

Despite a long-build up to the new privacy law kicking in, many businesses remain unprepared for ramifications of California's privacy laws, which became effective from the start of July. A security expert provides some business advice.

Frost & Sullivan suffers from global data breach Special

Frost & Sullivan, the business consulting firm involved in market research and analysis, has suffered from a major wide data breach, resulting in the exposure of some personal data.

Big six banks are using Confirmation of Payee to reduce APP scams Special

The Payment Systems Regulator has said all members of the UK’s six largest banking groups are now using the new fraud prevention tool, Confirmation of Payee, helping to reduce ised Push Payment (APP) scams. What does this mean for consumers?

U.S. FDA issues guidance for drug manufacturers during COVID-19

One area where additional measures are needed in the time of the coronavirus pandemic is with the manufacture of medicinal products. The U.S. FDA has issued some new guidance, calling for special risk assessments to be put in place.

Q&A: Ten common mistakes when implementing ERP systems Special

Companies that choose to implement an ERP system can run into common errors that may cause confusion and poor functionality—the opposite of an ERP’s intended purpose. Shivkumar Gopalan at Unit4 explains how.

Essential Science: Severe warming recorded at the South Pole

New climatology evidence presents some concerning news about the South Pole. Researchers have discovered that the South Pole is warming at a rate three times above the global average. This has occurred across the past 30 years.

Overview of GDPR fines: New tracker and statistics

With GDPR - Europe's privacy regulation - having been in place for over one year, a new compilation of data reveals that 290 companies have been found not to have followed the legislation. The biggest fine to date has been issued to Google.

Prevelance of coronavirus in hospital air handling settings

A study of hospital air handling systems has shown that around a quarter have recovered coronavirus RNA. These findings suggest that viral particles can be readily distributed around a typical healthcare setting.

Q&A: AI is transforming the workplace in novel ways Special

On returning to the workplace, things may appear slightly different - not in terms of changes to spaces or with people, but with the rise of artificial intelligence. With sensitive areas like recruitment, this needs to be ethical AI.

Fitness brand leaks personal data linked to fitness trainers Special

Security researchers have found an unsecured Amazon servicer (AWS S3) bucket belonging to fitness brand V Shred. This led to personally identifiable information relating to trainers and customers being exposed online.

Remdesivir out-of-stock, as other manufacturers start producing Special

With the U.S. buying up most of Gilead’s stock of COVID-19 drug remdesivir, what hope is there for other countries who wish to treat people with COVID-19? An expert surveys the pharma production situation.

How video conferencing is booming for IT pros during the pandemic

A new survey finds over half of CIO’s and IT VPs admit to currently increasing cloud spend. And around four-fifths indicate that they will continue to use cloud services and applications they implemented during the shift to remote work.

Symptoms of coronavirus infection linked to loss of smell

Researchers have looked into the loss of smell and taste as major COVID-19 symptoms. This finding has come from patients with high recovery rates. The scientists advise clinicians to include sensory impairment as part of coronavirus screening measures.

Aspire News suffers from a data loss Special

A data breach has struck Aspire News, an app backed by Dr.Phil to help domestic violence victims covertly signal distress. This led to some personally identifiable information being exposed.

Research: Looking at why some words are so easy to forget

You want to say something and it's on the tip of your tongue and then disappears...Why are some words more memorable than others? New psychological research has probed the brain for the answer.

Are you ready for (CCPA) privacy rights and consumer protection? Special

Is your company ready for CCPA? With the law passed in January with an enforcement date six months after the final regulations were in place, this means as of July 1, 2020 businesses have needed to conform with the requirements.
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